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It’s amazing to me that the single most common question I receive from customers is about their nutrition. More specifically, lack of. How they failed to maintain the nutrition, as they felt it was too strict or relapsed to their old habits. I’ve had a few tell me up front they will maintain the nutrition during the course of the program, but they fully expect to go back to their old eating habits. The power of the hamburger commands you!

For me, I have to find a clean nutrition plan that is simple, something that I enjoy, and most importantly…something I can stick to long term. We really have to stop thinking in terms of “diet” and more of a “Lifestyle Change”.

I’ve taken the lessons learned from the P90x and Insanity Nutrition Guides, and put together a Shortcut to P90x Nutrition. I hope you find this helpful and I expect this to be a living document as I get more feedback from folks.

Personally I am at the point now that there is no way I will sabotage my nutrition. Matter fact, I keep learning about new toxins that have found their way into the food chain, or shortcuts that the so called food industry takes. It makes me more determined to eat clean, and always keep the attitude to learn and adjust as needed.

And I can’t stress enough to use the tools that Beachbody provides. They have completely revamped their meal plans and nutrition tools. Many of which are available with just a free account. But I recommend that everyone try out the preferred club membership to really see under the hood. The Meal Plan Wizard is a is a tremendously useful tool for your nutrition. It allows you to plug in your age, weight, height, sex, current activity level and planned workout program (P90x, Insanity, Turbo Fire…) and it cranks out a recommend meal plan with nutritional information broken down and easily understood. Best yet, it allows you to print the weekly shopping list. That in itself is worth the $2.99 per week. But it gets better. There is a huge array of recipes and videos all dedicated to better, cleaner nutritional eating. I personally love the Thin Kitchen videos and have used many of the recipes. I recommend that the preferred club be put to the test and if you find it not to be a valuable tool, cancel at any time.

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