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How to train and prepare for your first half marathon

Congratulations! You have decided…or been forced into your first half marathon! Either case it’s pretty cool you have reached this point and I guarantee you will enjoy the ride and become addicted to this stupid running thing. Did I mention you get a shiny medal when you cross the finish line?? And free swag as […]

Is Shakeology worth the price?

I think the biggest résistance I come across with Shakeology is the price. And I can appreciate that as there are so many other protein shake brands out there on the market. And I think others smarter than me have already shown how Shakeology is in a completely different class of product…which sadly goes unnoticed […]

Finding the right workout shoe

I was originally going to focus on how to know when it’s time to replace your shoes. Runners can gauge this easier then folks doing cardio, but the same principle applies…. don’t stay in the same pair past their usefulness. But instead of going into the details, I came across this excellent blog article from […]

Beachbody On Demand is finally here!

Wow! What took so long?? Finally an All-Access pass to the complete line of Beachbody’s Proven Workouts!!! And they made it into March’s Challenge pack?? If you just want to check out the On demand videos, then just click this link to become a Beachbody Club Member and get access to on demand and more!  

Back at “When World Cup is over”

Check out all the World Cup Google doodles at Google’s Doodle Archive.

P90x3 is here!

My copy of P90x3 has just arrived!! I’m starting a 90 day P90x3 Challenge group in Facebook starting Jan 3rd!! So message me if you would like to be included. It’s a great way to keep accountable. And now that the workouts are 30 min, that removes the biggest obstacle for most folks….TIME!!! In the […]

Shawn T’s New Focus T25 Removes the No. 1 excuse

Can you guess what the number 1 excuse to not work out is? If you said “Time”, or better yet, “no time” you would be correct. So Carl Diekler asked Shawn T to put together a program that removes that excuse, while allowing folks with all fitness levels to get results like they never have […]

Release years of toxins from your body with Beachbody’s Ultimate Reset!

I’ve been talking about synthetic chemicals and how to protect yourself by avoiding them for a while. But the truth is they are everywhere and even with the best efforts to avoid them, we are saturated with them. I will refer you to the great book “Hundred Year Lie – How to protect yourself from […]

Beachbody’s Black Friday Special!!!

Missed the Turbo Fire Special a few weeks Back? Trying to find that next Black Friday deal? Well look no further!! Beachbody proudly offers the 2012 Team Beachbody Black Friday thru CYBER MONDAY SALE EXTRAVAGANZA! The fun begins this Friday, November 23rd, around 9:00 AM PST/12:00 PM EST and ends on Monday, November 26th around […]

My Body Beast inital review

Ever since I lost 50 pounds with P90x, I’ve been of the mind set to start a new work out program in a caloric deficit mode, eating a high protein to carb ratio diet and include plenty and plenty of cardio. As P90x Phase II and III approached, my calorie intake would increase as would […]

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