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My name is Tom Hirt and welcome to my site. Funny name, but serious results. I’ve had a great experience using Beachbody products to not only lose 50 pounds, get in the best shape of my life, but also having the chance to help others reach their goals!

You may be overhelmed or lacking the motivation to start using a Beachbody program. That’s where I come in! Let me help you and together we can start this journey that will change your life! A Go-For-It mentality if you will. Thus Goferboy Fitness.

The process is super simple.

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That’s pretty much it! If you don’t already have a work out program, then I recommend you order it through the Beachbody Challenge in step 4 above. After you commit to taking the Beachbody Challenge, you will then continue into the screens to order a Challenge Pack. A challenge Pack is the cheapest way to purchase a Beachbody Workout program and Shakeology, short of being a coach like me.

And if you are excited about Beachbody as I was when I first started, then you may find being a Beachbody Coach is your calling! It’s a great way to not only stay accountable to yourself, but the extra money doesn’t hurt either.

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