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Started this blog many moons ago to fulfil my inner geek, share technical information, troubleshooting software/hardware and got tired of it. Came back on a recent trip from Germany and was inspired to blog about the changes I saw there. But during the course of ramping up ole Word Press, I also realized how fat I’ve become.

Tom's Before and After

I was approaching 220 lbs. and tired of being tired. Joined the local Lifetime Fitness, got some good help. But I pretty much plateaued at 205 lbs. and could do no more.

That’s when my Brother in-law (DonnyO) told me about P90x. I scoffed at the idea to purchase an cheesy info-commercial fitness DVD, but said I would give it a try and knew I would return it within 30 days for the full refund. Well needless to say I kept it.  It’s a 90 day routine that really keeps you motivated and you see results quickly! I went down to 168 lbs. within 60 days! Within two weeks of graduating from the 90 day course, I hurt my Rotator Cuff moving tons of stones around in a wheel barrow for my patio project.

Baker Family Chiropractic did a great job patching me up, but I keep re-injuring my shoulder.  Dr. Pat did not give on me and I was able to complete round two of P90x hard and finally built some upper body strength. Not like Donny O, but a significant change for the likes of this geek.

So I’m about 90% back to normal and have completed Insanity, Asylum, P90x2 and T25!!  I just received P90x3 and getting ready to start a challenge group for the new year. I can’t think of a better way to kick off 2014!!!

I have a coach referral link that you can use if you want more information about Beachbody products like P90x, Slim 6, Insanity, Turbo-Fire, P90x2, Les Mills Pump, T25 and of course P90X3!  Joining Beachbody is Free and making me your coach will help get started and find out the best solution for your needs. If you decide to purchase a Beachbody product, I would appreciate it if you could use my referral link.

I look forward to helping you suceed in your fitness journey!

Tom Hirt

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