Insanity Fit Test 3 – Day 36

Just took my day 36 fit test and very surprised by the numbers. I pulled my Hamstring 2 weeks ago playing soccer and have been unable to really hit Insanity hard. But instead of doing nothing, I still went through the motions of pressing play and eating as clean as possible. Some workouts I never made it past the warm up. But I really did need to rest the hamstring, so I made sure I didn’t aggravate that injury. I noticed by the end of last week that I was able to stretch and not have any more pain. So I repeated what would be my official 2nd month and did the day 36 fit test expecting terrible numbers. What a pleasant surprise that I was still able to kick it up a notch!!

MOVE FIT TEST 1 (Day 1) FIT TEST 2 (Day 15) FIT TEST 3 (Day 36) FIT TEST 4 (Day 50) FIT Test 5 (Day 63)
Switch Kicks 59 120 135    
Power Jacks 45 50 64    
Power Knees 90 100 115    
Power Jumps 32 50 70    
Globe Jumps 9 11 11    
Suicide Jumps 8 13 15    
Push Up Jacks 13 20 24    
Low Plank Oblique 50 75 75    

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