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Recipe: Avocado Tuna Salad (from INSANITY: THE ASYLUM™)

I have always loved getting into the nutrition guides of new programs like P90x and Insanity. I have always listened to the advice that nutrition is 50% of the success with these programs, and I couldn’t agree more.  So I’m thrilled yet again as I review the nutrition plan for Asylum and here is my […]

Insanity – Asylum Released!!!

Asylum has been released!! Are you ready to push yourself?!!! And for those still doing Insanity, check and see if you are doing the Squat Push up move correctly! Ok, maybe I’m not the best person to show how to do Squat Push ups, let me just let Shaun T explain it!

Biggest Loser mystery trainer is Beachbody’s Bret Hoebel

If you didn’t know, the mystery trainer on Biggest Loser is Beachbody’s own Brett Hoebel. This is no surprise to the Beachbody community that has seen Brett’s approach with his program RevAbs. RevAbs will be in my queue for sure, but I’m working on round two of Insanity. I just received the Insanity deluxe DVD kit which […]

Get your Free Insanity T-shirt!!

You stuck with it and completed Insanity! Now sign up for your Free Insanity T-shirt…you earned it!!! Beachbody shipped my shirt the day after I submitted my form and pictures!

Does Insanity Work?

Last week I wrapped up my 60 days of Insanity and be honest I was a bit underwhelmed. Even though it kicked my behind, and I had major problems keeping up with the month two max interval DVD’s, I just didn’t think I was getting any benefit from Insanity. My mistake was that I kept looking at […]

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