How to Set Up a Word Press Blog

I like to help out my fellow Beachbody coaches by offering free Word Press hosting. What does this mean? If you can provide the domain name, I can provide the host Word Press environment where you can then park your domain. Setting up a Word Press blog is pretty easy. There are really just two tough decisions that a coach has to make.

  1. Find a snazzy domain name and register it.
  2. Set up their own Word Press site, or actually create their own Blue Host account and provide free hosting to their coaches.
I’m happy to help with either choice.  If you decide you want option 2 to create your own Blue Host environment, I just ask that you use my referral link below so that I get credit.
Option 1: I just want a free Word Press enviroment for my domain hosted by Tom Hirt.

Simple enough, just review my document on How To Create Your Word Press Blog. Request access to this document by submitting your name and email below:

Option 2: I would like to have my own Blue Host environment and offer free Web Hosting.

All you need to do is click the below Blue Host link and sign up for your Blue Host Account. Once you sign up, just contact me and I can walk your through the simple process to add domains to your account and create the Word Press environment.

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