I started as an Independent Beachbody Coach to help my friends and familyget motivated about fitness and help them to get in the best shape of their lives. They saw my transformation and were always asking me how I did it. So now I give them my hand dandy coach link, they select the free JOIN option and now we start the down the path on working together to find their fitness success….for FREE!!!

I’m doing something now that I’m passionate about and guess what?…I meet great people that are looking for help that I can provide. And getting paid for it on top of this doesn’t hurt!

On the selfish side, I have to admit I also love being a coach for the 25% discount I get on all products. There is life after P90x, and it consist of keeping active! I have done 3 rounds of P90x and still find it exciting and look forward to each exercise. However, I will be buying Insanity or Turbo Fire here any day.

And did I mention I get assigned customers from Beachbody?! Folks that purchase products from the main Beachbody site get assigned coaches like me to help them succeed!  Many customers are surprised about this and very excited to have someone like me to keep them accountable and motivated.

My diamond coach is Barbie Decker and she has an excellent site to help explain the wonderful benefits of coaching. Check out the schedule for the conference calls days and listen in!

So join my team and lets help those that need our help. If your local to Cincinnati, I’m putting together a fit club and could use some help from fellow coaches.

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