How to train and prepare for your first half marathon

Congratulations! You have decided…or been forced into your first half marathon! Either case it’s pretty cool you have reached this point and I guarantee you will enjoy the ride and become addicted to this stupid running thing. Did I mention you get a shiny medal when you cross the finish line?? And free swag as […]

Is Shakeology worth the price?

I think the biggest résistance I come across with Shakeology is the price. And I can appreciate that as there are so many other protein shake brands out there on the market. And I think others smarter than me have already shown how Shakeology is in a completely different class of product…which sadly goes unnoticed […]

Finding the right workout shoe

I was originally going to focus on how to know when it’s time to replace your shoes. Runners can gauge this easier then folks doing cardio, but the same principle applies…. don’t stay in the same pair past their usefulness. But instead of going into the details, I came across this excellent blog article from […]

Shawn T’s New Workout program – Cize?

Who knew all this time I was dancing everyday, but I just don’t have the beat?   But seriously….NO…I really can’t dance. I don’t want to dance. I know my limitations and I’m happy with this. If there was any chance of dancing I think I would have given Zumba a chance.   But as […]

Beachbody On Demand is finally here!

Wow! What took so long?? Finally an All-Access pass to the complete line of Beachbody’s Proven Workouts!!! And they made it into March’s Challenge pack?? If you just want to check out the On demand videos, then just click this link to become a Beachbody Club Member and get access to on demand and more!  

What is the best orange juice brand to buy?

The short answer is None! And this applies to all fruit drinks folks buy off the shelf and think they are doing their family a healthy service. The truth is any fruit drink that is sold off the shelf has to go through a series of pasteurizing, chemical baths and then enriched with synthetic chemicals in the guise of healthy […]

The Microsoft Band – My Review, take one!

To sum it up, I love it! Easy to wear, I love the geek factor in checking my email, sms, and calendar events. I can check on the weather, stocks and UV levels at a glance. I can even pay for my Starbucks coffee with my band! But I think the single most pleasure I get is talking with Cortana, which […]

Android fan switching back to Windows phone.

Switching back to Windows Phone is not a fair statement. I started with the Motorola Q running Windows Mobile 5.0 (not pictured) and there is no way you can call that thing a smart phone. And I have no clue what OS was running on the Samsung Instinct pictured on the far left. Samsung got hammered for trying to market the […]

Back at “When World Cup is over”

Check out all the World Cup Google doodles at Google’s Doodle Archive.

P90x3 is here!

My copy of P90x3 has just arrived!! I’m starting a 90 day P90x3 Challenge group in Facebook starting Jan 3rd!! So message me if you would like to be included. It’s a great way to keep accountable. And now that the workouts are 30 min, that removes the biggest obstacle for most folks….TIME!!! In the […]

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