The best raw Bodybuilding food

What if there was something that was 100% natural that would increase your strength and give you instant  and blazing energy  to get through your workouts?  The best raw bodybuilding food on Earth is the Olive. Olives are in fact “My Dianabol”. Who needs steroids when olives are available? Olives are also the number one mucus dissolving fruit and the highest fruit  in minerals.  – Stephan Arlin from his book Raw Power, building strength and Muscle Naturally.
This is all fine and dandy with the one problem that I cannot stand to eat Olives and have avoided them like the plague. But after reading this I set out to find something I can not only handle, but also enjoy. My fridge is stocked with every variation I can find and the the results are not good. Howerver I think I finally found a winner!!!

I found these at Costco…of course…and very happy with the flavor. I guess you throw anything in front of me with garlic and red pepper spice and I’m a push over. But these really taste great and can be enjoyed by themselves, as a side, or just throw in a salad.

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  1. Wil

     /  June 25, 2012

    SO do they really work?

  2. ha, wish I could answer but I have yet to find an Olive I can eat in any serious quantity without gagging. I just don’t like Olives. :(

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