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Finding the right workout shoe

I was originally going to focus on how to know when it’s time to replace your shoes. Runners can gauge this easier then folks doing cardio, but the same principle applies…. don’t stay in the same pair past their usefulness. But instead of going into the details, I came across this excellent blog article from […]

The Microsoft Band – My Review, take one!

To sum it up, I love it! Easy to wear, I love the geek factor in checking my email, sms, and calendar events. I can check on the weather, stocks and UV levels at a glance. I can even pay for my Starbucks coffee with my band! But I think the single most pleasure I get is talking with Cortana, which […]

Natural Sweetener Truvia turns out to be not so natural

I was really devastated to learn recently that my efforts to use a natural sweetener product based on the Stevia plant was in fact not so natural.  First, a recap. Hello, my name is Tom and I’m a Diet Coke addict.  Good, now that’s out of the way. I’m going on two years of not touching the stuff and […]

The best raw Bodybuilding food

What if there was something that was 100% natural that would increase your strength and give you instant  and blazing energy  to get through your workouts?  The best raw bodybuilding food on Earth is the Olive. Olives are in fact “My Dianabol”. Who needs steroids when olives are available? Olives are also the number one […]

Mi0 Water Enhancer – NOT

Have you seen the latest all out marketing campaign for the water flavoring product called Mi0? Watching the commercial I was already yacking as they swirl this red thick liquid into a perfectly clean glass of water. The red coloring misting and swirling through the water. All I can think about is the petro-chemicals used for the color […]

My Recommended Reading on Nutrition

I’ve come across three books that I highly recommend. Each of these where fascinating for the amount of information we just don’t hear from the mainstream medical community. It really does require that we seek this information out. I started with Twinkie, Deconstructed. A wonderful breakdown on each ingredient that goes into this enduring American treat. The Nutritional Fact […]

Biggest Loser mystery trainer is Beachbody’s Bret Hoebel

If you didn’t know, the mystery trainer on Biggest Loser is Beachbody’s own Brett Hoebel. This is no surprise to the Beachbody community that has seen Brett’s approach with his program RevAbs. RevAbs will be in my queue for sure, but I’m working on round two of Insanity. I just received the Insanity deluxe DVD kit which […]

Insanity Fit Test 3 – Day 36

Even with an injury, you can still eat clean and do something to keep active and not back peddle in your fitness.

Fat Chick on P90x

To those that think P90x is only for those already fit, well Fat Chick wants to prove them wrong. She’s on a mission and here is her Journal. Rock on!

So what have I been up too lately? P90x!!

I finally decided to get fit coming back from Germany in spring 2008. Hitting the scales at 218 lb and ready to bust through my size 38 w pants. I spent a year at Lifetime Fitness and using the South Beach diet with great results. I went down from 215 lb to 190 lbs. But […]

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