My Recommended Reading on Nutrition

I’ve come across three books that I highly recommend. Each of these where fascinating for the amount of information we just don’t hear from the mainstream medical community. It really does require that we seek this information out.

I started with Twinkie, Deconstructed. A wonderful breakdown on each ingredient that goes into this enduring American treat. The Nutritional Fact label actually makes up the table of contents. And even though the focus is on Twinkies, I learned a lot about the processed food industry, supply chains, and mining (yes Mining) process that takes for all the foods we eat. This really is an eye opener that everyone should examine and understand what they are eating. I’ll be point blank and tell you that everything you know about processed foods has been sugar coated. Actually more like HFCS coated. It’s just amazing how genetically modified corn and soy are in everything. It is all so much more worse then you thought.

Dr. Patrick Baker then led me to the next two selections. I was complete engrossed in The One Hundred Year Lie. I think the following Amazon comment best sums up my views…

This is a hard book to read though as with each revelation you will get angrier and angrier at the corporate world. It will scare you into eating more healthy alternative foods.

But this book goes beyond the foods we eat. This looks at all the toxins that exist in our environment today and how they are causing so many of the problems that just didn’t register on the map a few simple years/decades ago. This isn’t all doom and gloom. There are some practical steps we can take to minimize our exposure. But it first has to start with understanding what we are up against.

The 3rd book I just completed is Raw Power – Building strength and Muscle Naturally by Stephen Arlin. While many don’t give the writing style high marks, it really is hard to argue with his main theme and points. The food we eat is dead and the results are poor nutrition. When has putting fire to anything ever made it better is the point that got to me.  He actually makes militant vegans look like panzies….which appeals to me. But seriously, I do like his direct to the point approach. And while I’m no where ready to go 100% raw, I will take many of his recommendations to heart.

Dr. Baker has also just come out with a new book title What did I just Eat?.  I’ve had the chance to learn a lot from Dr. Baker and I look forward to ordering this ASAP as I know it will be yet another learning experience. 

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