Free Tropical Shakeology packets on the way

I finally was able to catch up this weekend and get all the requests fulfilled! During this process I realized how terribly un-organized I am in tracking all the request I get from email, SM, and face to face. I’ve tried using Gmail’s label system, google docs spreadsheets, and even an on-line CRM system called HQ Highrise. All cool and great tools, but I still let many more request then I originally suspected fall through the cracks. So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, if you don’t receive your requested free sample within the next 2 days, please send me a reminder.

Going forward I think I’ve come up with a better solution. You can still send me an email if that’s more convenient for you. However, I’ve created a Store for my blog that I would like to implement.  You will now notice the STORE link in the menu bar above. This will allow folks to request their free sample, or even a non commitment larger order options of Shakeology. I always say folks tell me how great Shakeology taste, but to FEEL the benefit one needs to use Shakeology for at least 5 days. So hopefully this will help. But more important, I now have an Order Fulfillment process that should allow me to perfectly track new request and know which ones have yet to be shipped. So I hope to have that rolled out in the next day or two. In the meantime, use my normal contact form to make your request.

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