Why some people evade colds and others don’t

As I learn more about health and nutrition, I’m wondering how in the world the professionals among us, like Dr. Patric Baker just don’t go nuts when they hear articles like this:
They skipped around the basic truth of why some folks get a cold and others don’t. They said in one sentence it was the genes that determine why one spouse gets the cold and the other doesn’t. And then they explained that Grandma sitting in the same airplane didn’t get it because she was exposed to the virus somewhere in the past..which I suppose both are true. But there are just so many variations and virus strains that there must be something else going.
I was reminded of this quote in the comment section of the article:

It is the strength or weakness of your own resistance and not the virulence of the organism which determines your level of health.
–Claude Bernard

Which means to this health noob that one needs not only good fitness and nutrition, but to also take care of their body’s immune system…which even among fitness experts goes un-mentioned…. the central nervous system. 
I have to admit I was skeptical if not abusive to the idea in the past. But I’ve had a chance to sit back and watch Dr. Baker in action. And lately I’ve had a chance to actually learn from Dr. Baker.
I recommend reviewing the following link and learn more about how to really help your immune system. The staff at Baker Family Chiropractic is on a mission to change as many lives as they can in the community by introducing them to optimal health. I highly recommend them if you are interested in continued health and fitness education.
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  1. So well said – fitness and nutrition for sure! We work very hard in our family to eat a mostly whole foods diet to help our bodies stay healthy! We also only drink water and green tea (for antioxidants) and take our Vidazorb probiotic too. I am hopeful that these choices will boost our immune systems and that we can really benefit from them. I really want to join a gym but do not have the money right now – hoping that this spring I can get outside and walk daily!

  2. Keep in mind that you can save money and time by working out from home with a quality work out program like P90x or Insanity. Happy to help get you started right.

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