Why I became a Beachbody Coach

Talking with a friend that I haven’t seen in years and come to find she is working to become a personal trainer. We started talking about why we want to do this, to get in the best shape of our lives and help others get fit and healthy. I mean it’s almost an obsession feeling good about oneself and life. It’s all those wonderful endorphins and the serotonin boost we get from working out.  So I decided to post the rest of her thoughts as I couldn’t say it any better.
She stressed that we do need to watch ourselves and limit even when it comes to talking with other about working out.   It’s almost an art form to learn how to “read” people and discern those that really want to change and those which are just looking for a “quick” fix.  WE all know that doesn’t exist… no magic pills here just hard work. My friend thinks of herself as an artist which I think is a great point.  We have to look at ourselves as that “chunk” of stone, spending endless and tireless hours/days/months/years “whittling” away at it  with realistic balanced goals until we have finished our creation or sculpture.  Unfortunately folks are still wanting the “NOW” and ultimately it won’t happen like that.  No matter which fitness program or Personal trainer one decides to use, one just doesn’t start off doing a 1 hour 40 minute workouts, running 3 miles, or breaking out the Kettle balls. One has to work up to it GRADUALLY while at the same time re-learning HOW to eat properly to fuel their unique body to operate at its peak efficiency. 
And even when one does make that long term commitment and start to learn about proper nutrition, it doesn’t stop there. I like how my friend describes her experience. For some time she had not been eating enough protein, and when she did, it generally was not the best kind of protein (macrobiotic source of course is best but not always easy to get enough and balance the proper amount of calorie intake).  So she had to look at how much she was working out and analyze all the factors. She saw that she was only taking in 1/2 the amount of protein needed for her physical activity level. So she readjusted things and now making progress again and recovering better from her workouts. Which means she can hit them even harder. 
And this is true for all of us. You have to look at the whole picture to help others and find what will best work for them… a kind of holistic approach (as we should approach life in general) … whether having  a simple gym membership, purchasing a DVD series of exercise programs, or getting a personal trainer. The beautiful thing with Beachbody coaches and personal trainers are their ability to keep you accountable. To toss things up and root you on and motivate you when otherwise you may just give up. 
This is a continual learning experience and even the best out their have their own accountability partners. Personal trainers really do take care of each other and their cleints. I’m grateful that I get to work with a company such as Beachbody that really does provide the tools to help get healthy the correct way and play it forward.   

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