What did I just eat?

Getting my copy of "What did I just Eat" signed by Dr. Patrick and Dr. Paul Baker.

I have read a good number of books on nutrition since I’ve gone through my transformation. It’s amazing to me how health and fitness truly is a journey and not a destination….if I may borrow that phrase from Dr. Baker. So with that thought in mind, I just have to share a really down to earth, practical guide to health and fitness that I belive everyone needs to read. “What did I just eat” from Dr. Patrick Baker, Dr. Paul Baker and Dr. Ryan Berlin.

My first impression when I received the book is that it’s not the thickest book out on the market. Matter fact, it’s pretty thin. Second, it doesn’t have a catchy diet of the day tag line.  The title is simple and straight to the point. And that is where this book is unique.  The doctors talks a lot about nutrient dense foods. Well this is a factual dense book.  It’s a fact filled book that gets straight to the point. So you don’t have to ready 2o chapters of fluff to get to the one chapters that tells you how to correct your bad behaviors.  Each chapter is short, to the point, with a list of things to note immediately that can be applied today and have a healthy impact on your life.

I highly recommend this book if you really want the truth about nutrition and fitness and don’t want to read dozens of thick paperbacks. Lets face it, if this was just another thick education book, it would mostly go unread. So just get this one easy to read guide and you are set.  You can order the book straight from DoctorsPaulandPatrickBaker.com.

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