Virtual Fit Club starts Nov 8th

While folks still ask a lot questions about Nutrition, I’m starting to see a rise in those that start a 60 or 90 day work out program like P90x/Insanity, and can’t seem to stick to the schedule and drop off.  They may try again, several times in fact, but just can’t stick to it.

I always try to stress to not think of it as a 60/90 day commitment. Give yourself a 2 week schedule that you will follow and not allow interruptions. If you can do that, two things happen. One, you develop the pattern and it does become easier to repeat week after week. Two, you will see results. And when you start to see results, well that is motivation to do it another 2 weeks. I know when I saw the weight loss, there was nothing going to stop me.

I love this post by Tony Horton on Staying Motivated, as it also spells out not to get disappointed if you don’t get the results you were looking for. You will eventually get the results if you stick with it.  I also like his point not to beat yourself up if you miss a workout. Just start where you left off.

But I still see folks struggling and asking for ways to stay motivated.  With that in mind and knowing it’s going to be impossible to have a local fit club to help everyone,  I came up with a Virtual fit club of sorts. The basic idea is to have a place where we call all help each other stay accountable. A place to record what you eat, which exercise was completed, and journal your workout program daily. Allowing you to compare to others, ask questions, and get rewarded. The rewards will come with sticking it through! But we will also be awarding those that are the most dedicated, and those that got the best results.

The Process to join is simple. Follow the link to Virtual Fit Cluband follow the steps. Basically you will create two free accounts. The Team Beachbody Account provides a lot of tools for meal plans and fitness tools to help you gauge your starting point and fitness level. The FatSecret account will allow an easy way to record your activity. FatSecret supports the concept of Challenges. So once you join the challenge, you have the ability to record your starting weight and Stats. You then record daily what you ate, exercise level and basic journal entry. This will track your progress along with the other team members. It should be a fun way to keep everyone motivated and hope you can join along.

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