Virtual Fit Club starts Monday Nov. 8

As the holiday season approaches and the inevitable possibilities of over indulgence, how can you keep your fitness, and health nutrition goals up to speed?  Completely ignoring the ramifications of overindulgence could ruin, at least in the short term, any fitness and nutrition goals that you have set.
A New Year’s fitness resolution in hindsight seems like a good idea, but in reality fails miserably for most.
What can help you to avoid the ever present holiday season temptation to throw all caution to the wind with your health, fitness and nutrition goals? 
A Beachbody coach sponsored Virtual Fit Club! Join us for the first 90 day session starting this Monday. We are using the Challenge tools provided by to create the Beachbody 90 Day Diehard Challenge.

Many people will invest thousands of dollars each year for physical fitness trainers, info-commercial gizmo’s and/or gadgets.  A better option for your physical fitness and nutrition goals is as simple from working out in your own home.
What is the 90 day physical fitness challenge?

  1. Accountability. We will help encourage each other to keep pushing play.
  2. Provide a simple journal tool to record you calorie intake and burn.
  3. Provide additional encouragement as the holidays approach with tips to help manage and moderate.
  4. Mini-Challenges to help push you along week by week.
  5. Free Stuff! Person with best results and/or dedication will be rewarded. Prize committee still ironing out what exactly this means.

Additional Tips to help with this Challenge:

  1. Really pay attention and re-read the nutrition guides. This is not a diet plan folks. It took me bonking out on day 45 to truly understand this.
  2. If you don’t have a nutrition plan, then utilize the wonderful Meal Planner wizard. You will need your free Team Beachbody account to access this tool.
  3. This is going to be a tough challenge, lets not mince words here. We are going through a period of 3 major holidays.  So keep this party guide handy before you head out. Knowing how to eat ahead of time, will then allow you to eat at moderation when others are stuffing themselves silly. The easiest way to loose weight is to not gain it in the first place. So think smart here folks.
  4. Simplify simplify simplify. Read this post on how to transform your nutrition. Note the article where I get down to the Nuts and bolts on my daily nutrition.
  5. No easier way to Simplify and get the cleanest nutrition then with Shakeology. I use to hand out Free Shakeology, and still will if requested. But here’s the truth. You will tell me you LOVE the taste. But you will need to use Shakeology for at least 5 days to FEEL and SEE the results! So with the Free Coach Sign up, ordering Shakeology at the coach discount, and then being able to return it for a full refund if not 100% satisfied at no cost to you…well that’s just a no brainer. NOTE: Order with Home Delivery monthly Autoship for free Shipping! So that really is no cost to try. And as with the coaching, you can cancel the Autoship at any time.

If you can avoid making the mistakes that most make, stick to the 90 day challenge, you will head into the new year feeling better and guess what?? You will want to continue and realize that it’s all about lifestyle change. Change that you make at the NOW!! Forget the past people! We can’t undo the past. LETS do it now. Stick with it, avoid making the mistakes that stack on the pounds, actually take off the pounds and you will be amazed at how you will just start 2011 hitting the ground running and never look back. So forget the useless New Year Resolutions. Make the promise to yourself NOW!  Not Next week. Not after the next pot lunch. Not after the next family get together. NOW!  You do that, and I promise you will get results.

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