Shawn T’s New Focus T25 Removes the No. 1 excuse

Can you guess what the number 1 excuse to not work out is? If you said “Time”, or better yet, “no time” you would be correct. So Carl Diekler asked Shawn T to put together a program that removes that excuse, while allowing folks with all fitness levels to get results like they never have before. So welcome…Focus T25!!!

Focus T25 is the first workout of it’s kind to allow you to burn as many calories in 25 minutes, as you do in 1 hour!  In 25 minutes a day, you can GET IT DONE! No more excuses.

And to repeat, focus T25 will allow folks from all fitness levels to get results…from those that never experirenced Shawn t’s Hip hop Abs or Insanity…to folks to have done it all including Asylum!

So with this in mind, I will be putting together an accountablity group for those that want to join but can’t physically be with us in our local fit club. No worries, let me know, I’ll put the Challenge group together, make sure you have the right tools and we can do this together. No more excuses!!!

To get started, click the JOIN NOW IT’s FREE to make me your coach, and the SHOP link for T25 is now live!!!


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