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How cool is it that even Oprah’s O magazine is talking about Shakeology? specifically, they are giving the spot light to Darin Olien who co-produced Shakeology. I love how they sum up Olien..

 Olien consumes no processed foods, no polysyllabic ingredients invented in labs, no high-fructose corn syrup or trans fats, no artificial flavorings, no antibiotic-laced dairy products, nothing that comes out of a drive-thru. In short, he doesn’t eat what’s generally on offer in the modern food world. “When people find out that I don’t eat this or I don’t eat that, I feel a sense of pity coming from them,” he says, “and I think, ‘Wow! You have no idea. I’m not deprived at all. Come to my kitchen! I’ll blow your mind.'”

I got a a chance to meet Olien at last year’s Beachbody Coach summit and it was really fascinating then to learn about the high quality of ingredients that go into Shakeology. I’m really thankful to be able to recommend this to friends and family as a safe and healthy way to lose weight and get in great shape long term. Please feel free to use the FREE JOIN option above to sign up for your free Team Beachbody account and I’ll be happy to send you a free sample of Shakeology. Just let me know if you prefer Chocolate or Greenberry.

Edit: If the above link is not viewable, I think the Beachbody Community traffic overwhelmed their servers, so try this link.

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