Insanity Fit Test 3 – Day 36

Just took my day 36 fit test and very surprised by the numbers. I pulled my Hamstring 2 weeks ago playing soccer and have been unable to really hit Insanity hard. But instead of doing nothing, I still went through the motions of pressing play and eating as clean as possible. Some workouts I never made it past the warm up. But I really did need to rest the hamstring, so I made sure I didn’t aggravate that injury. I noticed by the end of last week that I was able to stretch and not have any more pain. So I repeated what would be my official 2nd month and did the day 36 fit test expecting terrible numbers. What a pleasant surprise that I was still able to kick it up a notch!!

MOVE FIT TEST 1 (Day 1) FIT TEST 2 (Day 15) FIT TEST 3 (Day 36) FIT TEST 4 (Day 50) FIT Test 5 (Day 63)
Switch Kicks 59 120 135    
Power Jacks 45 50 64    
Power Knees 90 100 115    
Power Jumps 32 50 70    
Globe Jumps 9 11 11    
Suicide Jumps 8 13 15    
Push Up Jacks 13 20 24    
Low Plank Oblique 50 75 75    

Transform your nutrition

It’s amazing to me that the single most common question I receive from customers is about their nutrition. More specifically, lack of. How they failed to maintain the nutrition, as they felt it was too strict or relapsed to their old habits. I’ve had a few tell me up front they will maintain the nutrition during the course of the program, but they fully expect to go back to their old eating habits. The power of the hamburger commands you!

For me, I have to find a clean nutrition plan that is simple, something that I enjoy, and most importantly…something I can stick to long term. We really have to stop thinking in terms of “diet” and more of a “Lifestyle Change”.

I’ve taken the lessons learned from the P90x and Insanity Nutrition Guides, and put together a Shortcut to P90x Nutrition. I hope you find this helpful and I expect this to be a living document as I get more feedback from folks.

Personally I am at the point now that there is no way I will sabotage my nutrition. Matter fact, I keep learning about new toxins that have found their way into the food chain, or shortcuts that the so called food industry takes. It makes me more determined to eat clean, and always keep the attitude to learn and adjust as needed.

And I can’t stress enough to use the tools that Beachbody provides. They have completely revamped their meal plans and nutrition tools. Many of which are available with just a free account. But I recommend that everyone try out the preferred club membership to really see under the hood. The Meal Plan Wizard is a is a tremendously useful tool for your nutrition. It allows you to plug in your age, weight, height, sex, current activity level and planned workout program (P90x, Insanity, Turbo Fire…) and it cranks out a recommend meal plan with nutritional information broken down and easily understood. Best yet, it allows you to print the weekly shopping list. That in itself is worth the $2.99 per week. But it gets better. There is a huge array of recipes and videos all dedicated to better, cleaner nutritional eating. I personally love the Thin Kitchen videos and have used many of the recipes. I recommend that the preferred club be put to the test and if you find it not to be a valuable tool, cancel at any time.

Why are Beachbody coaches so motivated?

This is a great video that sums it up. As someone that loves the products that help me lose 50 lbs, it’s a great opportunity to help others do the same.

Dishonest SEO tactics directed against BB coaches

I received an interesting call last night on my cell phone driving home from work. The caller identified themselves as someone associated with Beachbody and wanted to talk about the terms and agreements on my web site. Now mind you, my cell phone sucks, and I’m terribly paranoid that beachbody is going to make me take down my Tonyisms. jk. So that’s what I heard and immediately he asks if I can get in front of a PC. I explain I can’t and told him to call me back in 10 min. When he calls back, we do some small talk about dinner and red flag goes up this guy knows nothing about nutrition and eats like a pig. So he starts explaining how they are contacting all coaches to help get their business on-line e-commerce style. I stop him there and ask “So you are from Beachbody?”. He doesn’t answer the question or deny he’s not, but rather states he’s here to help with moving the business on line and concentration on ROI. He turns it around asking me if I’m familiar with accounting terms ROI, profit margin and such.

OK, at this point I should have just hung up. I play dumb with the questions as I want to figure out who this guy is and how he got my number. He then explains how he can help me understand and directs me to google and in the search type in “Quad Parts”. It hits me that this guy is going to talk about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). He starts asking if I understand keywords and meta data and wants me to define the terms to him. OK, this jerk is really getting on my nerves as I’ve done plenty of SEO work for other companies…but I play dumb. The degrading tactics he uses against me, insulting my intelligence, assuming I know nothing about computers has me wondering if he’s playing on folks that become coaches and might not be aware he’s talking nonsense. But I let him continue.

So the guy tries to relate how SEO will work with our business but will use the QUAD Parts for a better example (Because their company already stacked the keywords for this niche sector). But he tries briefly to act like he knows about the Beachbody business. He steps all over himself explaining how we sell herbs and liquid vitamins for our Pyramid style business. I really regret now that I corrected him not to use the term Pyramid and I explained our coaching/direct sales/support role. But he still comes across ignorant and doesn’t understand what our core values are, so I hope he continues to set of the red flags with the other coaches he tries to scam.

He wants me now to click the first results for Quad Parts in the Google results (Which was for Jokers Racing). Then in the web site, change the url to which doesn’t have a digital certificate so I don’t recommend you click it. But it displays site hits on a daily and yearly total (Stuff you get free with Google Analyzer). He asks me to read back the total hits for 2010 and I read back to him by accident the daily total. He then remarks “Well it’s obvious you don’t understand search engine optimization, as you are reading the wrong column. Go to the year total column”.

ok, I can only handle some much from this jerk that I had to terminate the call. So I didn’t find out who he was with or what method they are using to call BB coaches. But just remember one small tip if you are interesting in SEO, only use people you search out and find or those recommended from trusted sources. Don’t respond to the dozen of emails from people you didn’t inquire about. And avoid the above fool and safe yourself the aggravation.

Special Beachbody event in LA with Chalene Johnson!

Join Chalene Johnson, Larry Zimberg, Dr. Wheeler, Monica Gray, Aaron Mathis, Mike French for an informational meeting and training!  This meeting is designed for fitness professionals, as well as those who want to hear about what how to make a business out of helping others achieve ultimate health goals! This is an amazing opportunity to hear from the best and bring your friends to see if this is a good fit for them too!

If you are interested, just register through the link at the bottom and let me know so that I can let the local coaches know to keep an eye out for you so you feel welcome.

Saturday August 21, 2010 at 11:00 AM
Saturday August 21, 2010 at 4:00 pm
Dave & Busters
Irvine Spectrum
71 Fortune Drive
Irvine, CA 92618
Tentative Itinerary:
11am-11:45am: Dr. Wheeler & Shakeology Sampling
11:45am-12:45pm:  Beachbody Business Opportunity – Larry Zimberg
12:45pm-1:45pm: Chalene Johnson – Own your Own Fitness Business
1:45pm-2:15pm: Lunch (provided)**
2:15pm-2:45pm: Business Training – Aaron Mathis & Mike French
2:45pm-3:30pm: Prospecting – Larry Zimberg
3:30pm-4pm: Get Movin’ Right Away! – Monica Gray
Featured Speakers:
Chalene Johnson, Fitness Celebrity & Entrepreneur
Larry Zimberg, Network Marketing expert
Monica Gray, Social Media expert
Dr. Wheeler, Shakeology expert

Arrive at 10:30am to allow enough time to check in and get your seats!

We will start at 11am sharp!
RSVP deadline has been extended to Aug. 14th.

**Guests are free.  Coaches: $15
Register at-

INSANITY – Week 3 (fit test)

Starting week three and yes, that means Fit Test time. Based on the weight scale, I need to lower my daily calories as I don’t need to consume as much as I needed for P90x. So I was expecting the 4 extra pounds to reflect badly in my fit test. But what a pleasant surprise.

Move Day 1 Day 2
Switch Kicks 59 120
Power Knees 90 100
Power Jumps 32 50
Low Plank Oblique 50 75

Wow! Now I’m motivated to go again and can’t wait to report back in another 2 weeks.

Insanity Week one results

Insanity takes what I know and understand about P90x and turns it upside down! Which is exactly what I needed. Don’t get me wrong, I LUV P90x and can’t wait to do it again as a P90x/Insanity Hybrid program that Justin Mahan and Mike French have put together. But I need to complete this 60 nightmare first!!

The good news is that the workout programs are much shorter. By the time you get done with the warm up and stretching, there are 22-25 minutes left for the actual work out. Problem is, you will be smashed and exhasted from the warm up alone! So for 22 minutes, you will be working at 110% for 3 minutes, with 30 second breaks.

The results for my first week indicate improvement, even after suffering a racquetball injury. Yes, I pulled my calf muscle again. I just need to learn to show up to the matches ahead of time and do long methodical stretching and not the short useless ones I’ve been doing and jump into the match. Can’t do that anymore!

So I recorded my fit test which I will take again starting week 3 and have a better idea how I’m improving. According to my heart rate monitor, I’m burning more and more calories each time I do this, as I’m learning to modify the work out as to hang longer and not knock myself out short. Plus I’ve been really paying better attention to my nutrition.

So my tips for Insanity are the following:

  1. Dig deeper. Push yourself to the limit each time.
  2. Nutrition is key. Monitor what you put into your body. Eat the lean meat, ovoid red meat. Say away from enriched, processed sugar food.
  3. It’s ok to take a break. You don’t need to keep up if you can’t. Do what you can. Modify the moves as needed until you get the strength to keep up.

Insanity – Day 3

What did I get myself into?!

I knew it was going to be tough. I knew it would push me to new pain levels. But really…I can’t believe how much it’s kicking me in the pants!!! One would think the 3 rounds of P90x and loss of 50 lbs would make this easy.  NOT!

I wish someone had told me that the Day 1 fit test is actually a real work out. I would have better prepared myself!!! I’ve been walking like Tim Conway’s Old man (Yeah, showing my age) for the last two days. Just got done with the day 3 and did not complete it by any stretch.  I have to dig much deeper.

The encouraging news is that the folks in the workout group are indeed human and drop like flies later in the workout. Unlike super human Dominic in P90x’s Plyometric workout.

Lets hope the Day 4 Cardio Recovery lives up to its name and I can report back on day 5!!!!

Shakeology on the Way!

My Shakology package arrived today! So I’m filling out the shipping addresses and mailing individual shakeology samples to all those that requested a sample.  Whew! I can’t believe it’s done! These will be mailed out on Wednesday.

Now remember you can mix this with cold water and it will taste great. But if you are heading into a work out or want to use as a meal replacement, try one of these recipes out!!

Please give me some feedback on your thoughts about Shakeology. Let me stress that one package will not make an earth shattering change. It takes about 5 days or using it in the 3 day cleanse plan to really FEEL the results. And with the bottom of the bag return policy, there really is no reason not to try it out. Order with the Home Direct option and receive free shipping. Now you really have nothing to lose to try it out!

For more information, visit My Shakeology site.

Why I became a Beachbody Coach

Talking with a friend that I haven’t seen in years and come to find she is working to become a personal trainer. We started talking about why we want to do this, to get in the best shape of our lives and help others get fit and healthy. I mean it’s almost an obsession feeling good about oneself and life. It’s all those wonderful endorphins and the serotonin boost we get from working out.  So I decided to post the rest of her thoughts as I couldn’t say it any better.
She stressed that we do need to watch ourselves and limit even when it comes to talking with other about working out.   It’s almost an art form to learn how to “read” people and discern those that really want to change and those which are just looking for a “quick” fix.  WE all know that doesn’t exist… no magic pills here just hard work. My friend thinks of herself as an artist which I think is a great point.  We have to look at ourselves as that “chunk” of stone, spending endless and tireless hours/days/months/years “whittling” away at it  with realistic balanced goals until we have finished our creation or sculpture.  Unfortunately folks are still wanting the “NOW” and ultimately it won’t happen like that.  No matter which fitness program or Personal trainer one decides to use, one just doesn’t start off doing a 1 hour 40 minute workouts, running 3 miles, or breaking out the Kettle balls. One has to work up to it GRADUALLY while at the same time re-learning HOW to eat properly to fuel their unique body to operate at its peak efficiency. 
And even when one does make that long term commitment and start to learn about proper nutrition, it doesn’t stop there. I like how my friend describes her experience. For some time she had not been eating enough protein, and when she did, it generally was not the best kind of protein (macrobiotic source of course is best but not always easy to get enough and balance the proper amount of calorie intake).  So she had to look at how much she was working out and analyze all the factors. She saw that she was only taking in 1/2 the amount of protein needed for her physical activity level. So she readjusted things and now making progress again and recovering better from her workouts. Which means she can hit them even harder. 
And this is true for all of us. You have to look at the whole picture to help others and find what will best work for them… a kind of holistic approach (as we should approach life in general) … whether having  a simple gym membership, purchasing a DVD series of exercise programs, or getting a personal trainer. The beautiful thing with Beachbody coaches and personal trainers are their ability to keep you accountable. To toss things up and root you on and motivate you when otherwise you may just give up. 
This is a continual learning experience and even the best out their have their own accountability partners. Personal trainers really do take care of each other and their cleints. I’m grateful that I get to work with a company such as Beachbody that really does provide the tools to help get healthy the correct way and play it forward.   

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