Exercise is Beneficial for Cancer Patients

Special thanks to David Haas for reaching out and asking to post this very uplifting article on my blog. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. I really appreciate the following point:

Cancer is not the end, but a second beginning. While exercise is not a cure, it can be
a path to a happier, healthier life during and after treatment.

Here is the full article: 

A cancer diagnosis is a scary and often surprising event. Many patients going
through mesothelioma treatment may fear losing strength and fitness by having to
rest all the time. The good news is exercise is ok during and after cancer, and may
help to extend life.

While it may seem contradictory, the more exercise a person gets, the less tired
they are. Physical activity helps to build the cardiopulmonary fitness level and keeps
muscles strong, which reduces the overall fatigue experienced by patients. The best
way to avoid the cycle of tiredness, lack of activity, wasting of muscles and more
fatigue is to get up and get moving any way possible.

An exercise regimen can guard against the nausea that often accompanies
treatment. Why this works is not clear, but it is thought that the redirection of blood
away from the abdomen may play a role. Physical activity raises metabolism and
increases the rate at which food is digested, reducing the urge to vomit. Going
outside and moving around may provide the patient a welcome distraction from the
disease and its symptoms, helping the person to feel less nauseous.

Exercising regularly can reduce anxiety, depression, insomnia and stress and help
the patient feel more independent. A fitness regimen can also bring social benefits
by allowing friends and family to tag along, increasing self esteem and motivation. In
the long term, exercise will help the patient maintain weight and provide protection
against osteoporosis and heart disease, both of which play a part in overall health
and longevity.

The American Cancer Society suggests any patient considering an exercise routine
to first discuss it with a doctor. It is best to start slow and work up to more intense
activity, with an emphasis on muscle strengthening and aerobics. Simple household
tasks such as raking the yard or washing the car are simple ways to keep up a
fitness level between workouts. Before exercise, proper warm ups such as stretching
and knee lifts should be performed to prevent injury. The patient should immediately
stop a workout if there is shortness of breath, very rapid heartbeat or any kind
of pain. It is also ok to not exercise on some days, as rest is just as important as

Some may benefit from engaging a personal trainer to oversee an exercise program
and to help them meet fitness goals. There are trainers who specialize the needs of
cancer patients and can be recommended by the hospital or personal physician.

Cancer is not the end, but a second beginning. While exercise is not a cure, it can be
a path to a happier, healthier life during and after treatment.

Shakeology protein balls

I think I finally found the perfect homemade protein bar mix. In my past attempts I tried to make non-baked Shakeology Protein Bars, but they were always too goey and messy. So I removed the Almond milk from the mix and just used a little bit of water to help mix the ingredients. Made my first batch last night and I got a overall vote of approval from the Insanity Fit Club crew this morning.


  • 4 cups Rolled Oats
  • 1 cup water
  • 3 scoops Chocolate Shakeology (Yes I’m partial to Shakeology. You can use any Chocolate Protein powder, but there is no comparison to Shakeology. Also research the alternative protein powder and see if it’s on the hit list for those main brand name protein powders that contain an alarming amount of heavy metals and other junk.
  • 1 scoop Vanilla Vegan Protein (Sun Warrior is a brand you can trust, next to Shakeology).
  • 4 tbsp Organic Peanut Butter
  • 4 tbsp Raw Organic Honey


Just mix the protein powders, Shakeology and rolled oats first. Add the water, PB, honey and the mixing will get harder but keep at it. I do like bits of PB to be staggered around, so don’t feel it has to be a perfect mix. But I’m weird that way. Now take an ice cream scooper and stuff it with the mix, and drop on wax paper. Place and store in the refrigerator for a few hours and they should firm up nicely.

Now you have a great protein treat that is easy to take anywhere and won’t get messy. Best yet, you control the ingredients and these non baked versions will beat the pants off anything you can buy off the shelf.

Nutritional Info:

I was able to make 21 balls from this batch. So the breakdown is:

  • 126 calories
  • 7 g Protein
  • 4 g sugar
  • 17 g carbs
  • 3 g fat


Free Tropical Shakeology packets on the way

I finally was able to catch up this weekend and get all the requests fulfilled! During this process I realized how terribly un-organized I am in tracking all the request I get from email, SM, and face to face. I’ve tried using Gmail’s label system, google docs spreadsheets, and even an on-line CRM system called HQ Highrise. All cool and great tools, but I still let many more request then I originally suspected fall through the cracks. So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, if you don’t receive your requested free sample within the next 2 days, please send me a reminder.

Going forward I think I’ve come up with a better solution. You can still send me an email if that’s more convenient for you. However, I’ve created a Store for my blog that I would like to implement.  You will now notice the STORE link in the menu bar above. This will allow folks to request their free sample, or even a non commitment larger order options of Shakeology. I always say folks tell me how great Shakeology taste, but to FEEL the benefit one needs to use Shakeology for at least 5 days. So hopefully this will help. But more important, I now have an Order Fulfillment process that should allow me to perfectly track new request and know which ones have yet to be shipped. So I hope to have that rolled out in the next day or two. In the meantime, use my normal contact form to make your request.

Natural Sweetener Truvia turns out to be not so natural

I was really devastated to learn recently that my efforts to use a natural sweetener product based on the Stevia plant was in fact not so natural.  First, a recap.

Hello, my name is Tom and I’m a Diet Coke addict.  Good, now that’s out of the way. I’m going on two years of not touching the stuff and it’s been amazingly easy. While I did drink 8 to 10 cans of Diet Coke a day as I lost my 50 lbs, I finally reached a point where dropping the weight was not enough if I want to be healthy and fit.  So as I learned the dangers of aspartame and splenda type of artificial sweeteners, I just decided to go cold turkey. And that’s been that. With the help of Stevia related sweeteners and natural flavored sparkling water…I’ve had no more cravings for Diet soda at all! And I find myself just able to enjoy plain water if I get thirsty. That is a first for me. I also think Shakeology has greatly helped in taking off the edge of the cravings.

My Stevia sweetener of choice for the last year has been Truvia.  I had a friend (Wendy) who tried to tell me that stevia based products still incorporated synthetic chemical processing in what they call the “purification” process. Well I would have none of that crazy talk and kept on using the product.  Now in my defense I did include a lot of natural sweeteners in my nutrition plan, such as raw organic Honey, 100% pure maple syrup and  agave nectar.  These are great to use because one, they are all natural and body know hows to handle and utilize the sugar. And two, there are actual nutritional benefits to use these natural sweeteners that help the body. However they suck as a coffee sweetner. So I insisted on using my truvia. Because with a name like truvia, how can it not be a true natural sweetner…it says so right on the box! And Cargil would never lie to us…right?

Well as I dug deeper I started to see Wendy’s point. And then I can across this excellent blog post titled Will the real Stevia please stand up. A very well laid out article that explains what to look out for when selecting your Stevia products.  In a nutshell….it appears Stevia products on the market sold as Stevia are in fact in name only. The truth is they are chemically processed and use corn based products as fillers.

But the good news is that there is an easy way to know if you are picking an all natural solutions. The article mentions the following…

Stevia products made from the highly commercialized and processed compound of Stevia will say “stevia,” “stevia extract,” “rebiana,” “Reb A,” or “Reb-A.”
Stevia products that contain these ingredients, “stevia Leaf,” “Stevia Rebaudiana,” or “Stevia Rebaudiana Bertoni,” are made from the original Stevia extract (Steviol glycosides) which includes all the Stevia compounds in their natural state using only water extraction process.

So checking around found out from Dr. Patrick Baker recommends Liquid Stevia. Details on this can be found in the natural sweetener link I provided above.

But my quest to find a sweetner for my coffee is still on. And I would perfer to find a solution that includes packets or is easy to transport on trips. Maybe the Liquid Stevia will do the trick. Do you have a good solution I should know about? Please feel free to leave a comment or message me, I would really appreicate some feedback!

It’s not your age that matters

As this image indicates, it really isn’t your age that matters….but what you do while you are aging.

I came across this excellent article how chronic exercise preserves lean muscle mass. It really stresses a current trend…

Our modern lifestyle has led to more people having sedentary jobs and fewer recreational activities. Thus, living longer does not necessarily mean living well, as one-third of aging Americans become disabled.

But there is good news, because as the article goes on it mentions aging is NOT the culprit!

… more accurately related to the effects of sedentary living

This doesn’t mean you need to become a triathlete, but you do need to get off that couch….sorry.

How to get your Free P90x2 Tshirt!

You doing P90x2?!! Well make sure you take those before pictures and then you complete the 90 day program, submit your success story for a free P90X2 tshirt!! Sorry, you actually have to DO p90x2 to get the shirt!

New Shakeology Flavor – Strawberry Tropical coming Feb 14th!

We have all been waiting for this announcement! But the cool news is that Beachbody is really taking the effort to provide a raw, whole food based solution. Shakeology has been awesome to date packed with super foods. But they still had to use the industry standard of Whey Protein. NO LONGER!! Tropical is Vegan approved!

Ultra Protein source is Fermented sprouted brown rice…the BEST OF THE BEST as smooth as whey protein…& this qualifies for Beachbody’s upcoming Ultimate line. The closest to raw food/bioavailability out there!

New E&E Energy and Endurance Preworkout Formula just launched.

Out of gas to finish your workout? New E&E Energy and Endurance™ Preworkout
Formula just launched! I’m really excited to hear that there are No artificial flavors,
sweeteners, or preservatives!

So I’m ordering as we speak and will report back on my findings. And do I need this, as P90X2 is kicking my butt!!

SodaStream and Hydration

As someone that has been addicted to Diet Coke for the last 20 + years, drinking over 8 cans a day, I’m really happy that I’ve been able to kick that nasty habit. I do feel that Shakeology has been a big step in helping me deal with the cravings. But more importantly, I found a really great substitute to those times I need to reach for a can of Diet Coke. And that has been in the form of great sparkling water products from La Crox and Ice Mountain. They both make natural flavor products to have zero sugar and not added chemicals of any kind, they just use natural essence flavoring.

It’s important to note this as hydration is a very import subject for those trying to get healthy and fit. We have been lead to believe by the commercial food industries that the healthy alternatives are fruit juices, vegetable juices as as V8, flavored tea products, vitamin water, and of course the hundred variations of all those energy drinks. I’ll leave it to my previous rants about why you want to keep clear of these products. Just remember that they all have either HFCS or a bad swill of synthetic chemicals (You really don’t want to know how B12 is made) that contain zero nutritional value. Matter fact, your body will now have to spend time and energy to remove those dead objects from your body. And any nutritional value that was once found in a vegetable or fruit juice were lost in the pasteurization process and can actually contain harmful by-products such as arsenic. Great.

The sad thing is we are trained to reach for those nasty products when we get tired. Never mind the Dehydration is the leading cause to headaches and drowsiness. But if you’re like me, I just can’t reach for a glass of water with excitement.  If you can, and you drink plenty of water, congrats! But I have to work at it. And Sparkling water really has helped! But…I’ve been feeling a bit guilty lately with the large amount of cans and bottles that I’m contributing to the local landfill. What a waste.

So I was very happy to learn about a great new product from Sodastream! Now I can make my own sparkling water, on my terms at a much cheaper rate while not contributing any more cans or bottles to the landfill. I was so happy with the product that I decided to make a quick video on it.

Part II – Showing how to use the SodaStream:

It’s important to note that I really don’t recommend the trail and basic flavors that Sodastream provides at most locations. All of those cola flavors contain a combination of splenda and sugar.  And Splenda is as evil as aspertain if not more. So please stay away from those. However, Sodastream does provide two options. For those cola lovers that can’t go cold turkey, they offer what they call their Sparking Naturals. These are syrups that contain pure cane sugar for the sweetener. If you have to drink your cola, then do it this way as you control what you consume. Start weaning your dosage lower and lower.

But the best product they offer is what they call their Mywater Essence Flavors. These contain zero sugar, zero crap and only use natural essence flavoring. A few drops to a liter and you now have the equivilent taste to the La-Croix and Ice Mountain products.

Better yet, say you are still skeptical about Natural Essence Flavors. I mean, you may have a good point that those are still suspicious. And I would agree with you…but they are still by far the best option on the market shelf. So in this case I would just carbonate the water, and maybe cut up a lemon or lime and squeeze some of that into my water.  The point here is you have options and you control what you drink.

I will be recording how many liters I get from the single carbonation tank. The version I bought at Costco sells for $99 and includes a huge 32 oz tank, where the normal models at Target, Best Buy and Kohls use the smaller 15 oz tanks.


Does the Beachbody Challenge Really work? Ask my Mom!

Just found out that my mom is a monthly winner in the Beachbody Challenge!!! $1000 for committing to the Beachbody Challenge and sharing her success story! She is also now qualified for the trip to the 2012 Coach Summit where they will announce the grand prize winners!

What is the Beachbody Challenge? Watch this video and see how where they are sending the grand prize winners! How cool will it be to be there to cheer on my mom! How cool would it be to cheer you on?!

So this is the real deal! So go to My Beachbody Challenge page and get signed up, it’s FREE!

I will then be starting a Fitness Challenge group in early January. We’ll workout, eat clean, and keep each other ON TRACK for 30 days!! When you sign up for the Challenge, you also get the chance to purchase Challenge Packs at a greatly discount price! 


The above challenge packs are a sampling of some of the discount packages available. If you already have P90x, Insanity or Turbo Fire then commit to the Challenge and lets get some results.  If you have been thinking about getting in shape and finally ready to commit, then the Challenge Packs are a great way to get started and get results! Just ask my mom!!!

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