P90neXt Rumor

P90xNext Rumor

This is Tony unscripted in his personal gym—no frills, no classroom, no cast.

 This is awesome news! We got a whiff of this at the Coach Summit in May, but wasn’t sure how or when. Now we know! Appears that Tony will be using the Volume Three series of his One On One with Tony Horton to build the follow up program to P90x!! The offical title might be P90x:MC2 (Muscle Confusion).

As a two and a half time P90x grad, I’ve been using the One on One subscription to build a hybrid P90x program. People always ask what to do after P90x. “DO IT AGAIN” is my first response. And lately, I find it helpful to make a personal hybrid program to keep things interesting. Ordering a subcription to One on One is the clear choice.

But I’m getting ahead of myself…lets back up….

What is P90X One on One™?
This is Tony unscripted in his personal gym—no frills, no classroom, no cast. (But plenty
of confusion.) No plateaus welcome. P90X One on One works just like a magazine
subscription: After you sign up, you automatically receive a brand-new workout every
month (sometimes they include FREE gifts). Best of all: you can cancel at any time.
How long are the workouts?
In good P90X tradition, the workouts will vary between 50 and 60 minutes.
What is the workout style and intensity?
In Volume 3, Tony experiments with different intensity levels. He mixes things up to
keep your muscles guessing. But beware! Some moves are groundbreaking and have
never been done before. In the excellently titled Disc 1, “Chest, Back & Balls”, Tony
tests his personal limits with a Plyo Push-Up while balancing his feet and hands on
stability balls.

Unbelievable stuff. Don’t say we didn’t warn you…
Who is P90X One on One for?
P90X One on One offers a great opportunity for you to reach out to P90X grads who are
in good physical shape and looking for more trademark Tony confusion.
The 50% offer
Every subscriber who purchases all 12 discs of P90X One on One, Volume 3 gets a 50%
discount on P90X:MC2™ when it becomes available. If you don’t join Volume 3 from the
beginning (July 2010), no problem! You can still qualify for this offer. Simply purchase
your missing Volume 3 discs . Once you become eligible for this promotion, we’ll notify you via email so
you can claim your discount. This offer is not available online.
If you’re not already a subscriber, now’s a better time than ever to get involved.
Facebook contest
On July 6th, we’re launching a Facebook contest on the P90X Fan Page. Coaches and
fans can submit a video clip of their most unique workout moves. The fan community
will vote on all clips. The videos with the most votes will be published on the P90X Fan
Page, one of the most active Fan Pages on Facebook with almost 150,000 fans.

Winners also receive awesome prizes (a 1-year subscription to P90X One on One, a 1-
year supply of Results & Recovery Formula™, the One on One, Volume 2 Full Edition,
Tony-autographed T-shirts), and consideration of the move, with call-out of the
submitter’s name, for an upcoming P90X One on One workout.

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