New Shakeology Flavor – Stay Healthy my friends

The new flavor is Tropical! And while I didn’t go to coach summit this year and thus missed out on the official taste test, the feedback from other coaches is that it will be a hit. So while I doubt I will switch away from Chocolate any time soon, this appears to be a nice alternative to Greenberry….which I really can’t get into.

For those wondering about Vanilla flavor, well they just can’t find a way to do it naturally. You see, the dirty little industry secret is that the vanilla bean is just not strong enough of a masking agent. As a flavorist friend of mine told me, you would need a huge amount of vanilla beans and it’s just not cost effective. So every Flavor company out there can only provide a vanilla flavor made using synthetic chemicals…many of which are carcinogenic in nature, but the FDA allows their use as long as they retain a ration of X amount per million whatever. It’s total hogwash to me no matter how low the ratio is…and Beachbody feels the same way. So while the demand for Vanilla is strong, and they could sell it in the bucket-loads, they refuse to release a Vanilla flavor until it meets their health and nutrition guidelines. I think that once again says something about Beachbody, and I’m glad to be associated with this company.

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