Insanity Fit Test results for Day 50

My Insanity Fit Test results for Day 50:

MOVE FIT TEST 1 (Day 1) FIT TEST 2 (Day 15) FIT TEST 3 (Day 36) FIT TEST 4 (Day 50) FIT Test 5 (Day 63)
Switch Kicks 59 120 135 145  
Power Jacks 45 50 64 64  
Power Knees 90 100 115 130  
Power Jumps 32 50 70 83  
Globe Jumps 9 11 11 12  
Suicide Jumps 8 13 15 20  
Push Up Jacks 13 20 24 30  
Low Plank Oblique 50 75 75 80  

I might have over done it, but I was on a mission to do better…and I was able to increase every move except one.

I can’t wait to finish Insanity and then start my P90x/Insanity Hybrid program!! I’ll post that schedule soon.

I wanted to also share a really great article from Steve’s Edward’s Blog.

Folks might misunstand what is is talking. He’s not suggesting people don’t suffer from Celiac or can’t tolorate gluten…but his point is how we love to turn things into fads and then they get kicked to the curb and forgotten. He says it best here in his comment

I have nothing against going non-gluten for people who are not gluten sensitive. You can perform perfectly well this way (my diet is more than just non-gluten). It’s just that I see no evidence that non-gluten is better for people who aren’t sensitive to it. Teaching people to eat healthy is hard enough; I don’t want a fad to make it harder. And thus today’s rant.

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