Insanity – Day 3

What did I get myself into?!

I knew it was going to be tough. I knew it would push me to new pain levels. But really…I can’t believe how much it’s kicking me in the pants!!! One would think the 3 rounds of P90x and loss of 50 lbs would make this easy.  NOT!

I wish someone had told me that the Day 1 fit test is actually a real work out. I would have better prepared myself!!! I’ve been walking like Tim Conway’s Old man (Yeah, showing my age) for the last two days. Just got done with the day 3 and did not complete it by any stretch.  I have to dig much deeper.

The encouraging news is that the folks in the workout group are indeed human and drop like flies later in the workout. Unlike super human Dominic in P90x’s Plyometric workout.

Lets hope the Day 4 Cardio Recovery lives up to its name and I can report back on day 5!!!!

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