Great news from Beachbody corp!!

There was a Beachbody leadership meeting in Dallas this weekend and we are starting to get bits and peices of the cool stuff coming down the pike.

FIRST!!! FREE COACH SIGNUP!!!! Just found out the FREE coaching is really FREE for the first month! No monthly business fee until month 2!!! Get your Beachbody products of choice for 25% off right now! Just click my FREE COACH SIGN up to get started and get your 25% discount!!

Why become a coach? Help achive your goal and pay it forward and help others.

Next we hear that they are shaking up the formula for the P90x Protein Bars and The Recovery Drink. Personnaly I love how they both taste and can’t imagine making it better. But from what I hear, they are making them with less and better sugar.

And of course more information on Shakeology with the MP3 must hear audio “Advice from 100 Doctors“. The cool thing about this project is that I almost got my favorite doctors in the video. Beachbody got their 100 doctors but if they continue with this project, they will call on them!! You can see the full story here on Tom’s Shakeology Doctor link.

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