Free Shakeology Samples out the door!

Just completed the second batch this afternoon. So hopefully that gets me all caught up. If you have asked for a sample and never received anything, please let me know. Things got crazy busy and I’m sure I let a few folks fall into the cracks. So sorry once again.

If you would like a free sample, I’ll glady send you one. I just ask two things.

  1. If you don’t already have your free Team Beachbody account, please sign up for one with the provided link making me your coach.
  2. After you receive the free sample, leave me some feedback on your thoughts about Shakeology. Good and bad.

Sound fair?

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  1. Don

     /  February 8, 2011

    True to his word, Tom sent me a sample of Shakeology, and I am HOOKED after 1 try.
    Out of all of the protein/meal replacement shakes I’ve tried over the years, Shakeology is not only the tastiest, it gave me a case of the “warm fuzzies”.
    Coming off Super Bowl weekend, where I consumed an inordinate amount of beer, pizza and wings (and that was just during Sunday’s game), I decided to get my week off to a good start with Insanity’s “Pure Cardio”. If you are not intimately aware, Pure Cardio is an ass-kicker.
    After pushing myself to my limits, I mixed up my single serving of [chocolate] Shakeology, drank it down, showered , and hit the road. 24 hours later, I am reflecting on just how unusually happy I was during the first 5 hours of my day, after drinking Shakeology. My commute (1 hour of crappy traffic) felt like a breeze; my usually annoying but well meaning coworkers (we’re engineers… it’s not our fault) were a pleasure to be around. And this morning, the day after “Pure Cardio”, I am not hurting quite so much…
    Sadly, Tom only sent me a single serving sample, and now I want more.
    After I post this comment, I’ll be making a purchase…
    Thanks Tom [part sarcasm, part sincerity].

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