Dishonest SEO tactics directed against BB coaches

I received an interesting call last night on my cell phone driving home from work. The caller identified themselves as someone associated with Beachbody and wanted to talk about the terms and agreements on my web site. Now mind you, my cell phone sucks, and I’m terribly paranoid that beachbody is going to make me take down my Tonyisms. jk. So that’s what I heard and immediately he asks if I can get in front of a PC. I explain I can’t and told him to call me back in 10 min. When he calls back, we do some small talk about dinner and red flag goes up this guy knows nothing about nutrition and eats like a pig. So he starts explaining how they are contacting all coaches to help get their business on-line e-commerce style. I stop him there and ask “So you are from Beachbody?”. He doesn’t answer the question or deny he’s not, but rather states he’s here to help with moving the business on line and concentration on ROI. He turns it around asking me if I’m familiar with accounting terms ROI, profit margin and such.

OK, at this point I should have just hung up. I play dumb with the questions as I want to figure out who this guy is and how he got my number. He then explains how he can help me understand and directs me to google and in the search type in “Quad Parts”. It hits me that this guy is going to talk about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). He starts asking if I understand keywords and meta data and wants me to define the terms to him. OK, this jerk is really getting on my nerves as I’ve done plenty of SEO work for other companies…but I play dumb. The degrading tactics he uses against me, insulting my intelligence, assuming I know nothing about computers has me wondering if he’s playing on folks that become coaches and might not be aware he’s talking nonsense. But I let him continue.

So the guy tries to relate how SEO will work with our business but will use the QUAD Parts for a better example (Because their company already stacked the keywords for this niche sector). But he tries briefly to act like he knows about the Beachbody business. He steps all over himself explaining how we sell herbs and liquid vitamins for our Pyramid style business. I really regret now that I corrected him not to use the term Pyramid and I explained our coaching/direct sales/support role. But he still comes across ignorant and doesn’t understand what our core values are, so I hope he continues to set of the red flags with the other coaches he tries to scam.

He wants me now to click the first results for Quad Parts in the Google results (Which was for Jokers Racing). Then in the web site, change the url to which doesn’t have a digital certificate so I don’t recommend you click it. But it displays site hits on a daily and yearly total (Stuff you get free with Google Analyzer). He asks me to read back the total hits for 2010 and I read back to him by accident the daily total. He then remarks “Well it’s obvious you don’t understand search engine optimization, as you are reading the wrong column. Go to the year total column”.

ok, I can only handle some much from this jerk that I had to terminate the call. So I didn’t find out who he was with or what method they are using to call BB coaches. But just remember one small tip if you are interesting in SEO, only use people you search out and find or those recommended from trusted sources. Don’t respond to the dozen of emails from people you didn’t inquire about. And avoid the above fool and safe yourself the aggravation.

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