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Free Shakeology Samples out the door!

Just completed the second batch this afternoon. So hopefully that gets me all caught up. If you have asked for a sample and never received anything, please let me know. Things got crazy busy and I’m sure I let a few folks fall into the cracks. So sorry once again. If you would like a […]

Shakeology Bars

I took my earlier Homemade Protein Bar recipe and modified it to use only Shakeology and dump protein powder with unknown ingredients. This Consumer report on the harmful heavy metals in common protein shakes was the final straw. With Beachbody and Shakeology, I can be confident and trust they honor the high quality ingredients used. So my new recipe is as […]

Return of the Beachbody Million Dollar Body Game!

Yes, get fit and win $25,000! So if you need that extra incentive to finally kick start your work out program, then this really is the time. Make your transformation and enter in time before the Coach Summit 2011 in July. I’ll be at the Coach Summit cheering on Roger Mesina. But if you are […]

Get your Free Insanity T-shirt!!

You stuck with it and completed Insanity! Now sign up for your Free Insanity T-shirt…you earned it!!! Beachbody shipped my shirt the day after I submitted my form and pictures!

Buckeye Recipe – with Shakeology of course!

I was shocked to learn that a normal single serving Buckeye has over 300 calories and 41 grams of sugar. That is just sad. I hope you enjoy my modified recipe and continue looking for healthy alternatives.

Virtual Fit Club starts Monday Nov. 8

A New Year’s fitness resolution in hindsight seems like a good idea, but in reality fails miserably for most.

Shakeology warning!!

Shakeology has been found to explode. This report just came in… Hey Tom, I tried the shakeology this morning and I really like the taste, I made a smoothie and I lost about a 1/4 of the packet when I plugged in the smothies blender and didn’t notice that it was already on so it […]

Virtual Fit Club starts Nov 8th

While folks still ask a lot questions about Nutrition, I’m starting to see a rise in those that start a 60 or 90 day work out program like P90x/Insanity, and can’t seem to stick to the schedule and drop off.  They may try again, several times in fact, but just can’t stick to it. I […]

Great news from Beachbody corp!!

There was a Beachbody leadership meeting in Dallas this weekend and we are starting to get bits and peices of the cool stuff coming down the pike. FIRST!!! FREE COACH SIGNUP!!!! Just found out the FREE coaching is really FREE for the first month! No monthly business fee until month 2!!! Get your Beachbody products […]

Insanity Fit Test results for Day 50

My Insanity Fit Test results for Day 50: MOVE FIT TEST 1 (Day 1) FIT TEST 2 (Day 15) FIT TEST 3 (Day 36) FIT TEST 4 (Day 50) FIT Test 5 (Day 63) Switch Kicks 59 120 135 145   Power Jacks 45 50 64 64   Power Knees 90 100 115 130   […]

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