Body Beast by Beachbody

First, I forgot to thank everyone that voted for my mom. She did not win the grand prize but she is still very much excited with her story and hopefully everyone else can benefit as well. Next time you hear someone say “oh, I’m too old, I’m too inactive, I’m too this….” just remind them of my mom’s success story!!

Now on the the big news today. Beachbody has release a new Shakeology flavor called Chocolate Vegan! I will provide more details on this over the weekend.

But the big new product coming out…and I do mean BIG, is Body Beast!  I’m having mixed emotions about this program as I don’t know if this is the direction I want to go. I’m much more interested in gaining athletic conditioning and performance over looking big.  However with that said, I did purchase this since I need to stay on top of these things as a Beachbody Coach! :)

Body Beast was developed by Sagi Kalev, the champion bodybuilder (“Mr. Israel”). In this program you will learn some old-school and some new-school techniques on how to get the best looking body in the shortest amount of time.

Let me know if this is something that interest you, as right now this is only available exclusively through….well through me!  This is only available through the Team Beachbody network at this time.

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