P90X2 – Bring it….Again!

Just wrapped up my second day of P90x2 and pretty excited about what is to come. I’ll try to provide a better overview review, but for now I thought I would just share some of my thoughts on Plyocide! I have to admit, when I heard “Think Drill”, it was the first time I would […]

P90X for iPhone!!

Great news for Iphone users! Beachbody has released a P90X app for the iPhone. In order to use it properly, you do need to create your free Team Beachbody Account first. Just go to my blog and click the “Join Now – it’s FREE” link. Once you have your free account you can then purchase the Iphone app for your iPhone […]

News Flash – Eating at McDonald’s is not healthy

Appears this is a news flash because I can’t understand how folks can still eat there. And now the rush is on the get the limited supply of McRibs. A sandwich that contains no rib meat of any kind, a BBQ sauce loaded with HFCS, and 70 other synthetic chemicals, 34 of which are in […]

P90x2: Are you Ready?

Calling all Power 90, P90x, Insanity, Chalean grads!!! Are you ready for P90X2? You can pre-order from me on Sept.1! That is 5 days before it’s available on beachbody.com. By pre-ordering through me, you also get FREE shipping and handling, 2 extra workouts only available to those ordering through Teambeachbody coaches, and guaranteed delivery by […]

The Beachbody Challenge is on!

Get Fit! Win Prizes! Inspire Others!! Beachbody’s biggest transformation game is underway! Regardless if you have already completed a Beachbody workout and have a success story, or you are just starting your transformation story, you want in on this action!! We are talking about free gifts and the largest prize giveaways ever! And it’s free […]

Be a less meatatarian

I don’t think this article that Eating meat link to Disease should really shock anyone. But I think it’s important to note that they are not saying to go Vegan or Raw. The point is to eat less meat. And if I may add my own two cents…since we need to eat less meat, spend […]

New Shakeology Flavor – Stay Healthy my friends

The new flavor is Tropical! And while I didn’t go to coach summit this year and thus missed out on the official taste test, the feedback from other coaches is that it will be a hit. So while I doubt I will switch away from Chocolate any time soon, this appears to be a nice […]

P90X2 – Are you ready?

I just realized that I’ve been so caught up with Insanity and Asylum that I’ve completely neglected Tony and P90x. Well no more! It was just announced at the 2012 Beachbody Coach Summit this weekend that there is a release date coming soon!!! So with that thought, how about a cool little preview to get […]

The best raw Bodybuilding food

What if there was something that was 100% natural that would increase your strength and give you instant  and blazing energy  to get through your workouts?  The best raw bodybuilding food on Earth is the Olive. Olives are in fact “My Dianabol”. Who needs steroids when olives are available? Olives are also the number one […]

What Did I just Eat? Oh boy

I finished reading the book “What Did I just Eat?” by doctors Paul Baker, Patrick Baker and Ryan Berlin. I highly highly recommend this book. It does a nice job piecing together all the nuggets of great nutrition advice I’ve been trying to gather the last two years PLUS more! It’s a thin book and […]

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